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Product Name: X101U USB decoder

Product Name: Audio decoder   

Specifications: XY- X101U

Function introduction

1、             the main chip is HIFI USB decoding chip, and its performance is better than the market on the most commonly used low end chip CM102S series, powersupplied by USB, the output can be directly connected with Headset, better sound quality. Because it is theexternal sound card, to avoid serious electromagnetic interference in the case, the signal to noise ratio andquality can be improved.

2、             the main chip is a monolithic analog-to-digital conversion chip. It has USB interface controller, two digital to analog conversion output channel and one integration.Interface conforms to the USB1.1 standard. Can receive 48KHz, 44KHz and 32KHz sampling rate of 16 bit stereo or mono audio data is integrated in the chip, software volume and mute function, computer can synchronously adjust the volume and mute.

3、             the power supply voltage: 5 V (USB power),

4、             the distortion degree: THD+N: 0.006% (RL > 10 K Ohm); distortion: THD+N: 0.025% (RL = 32)

5、             signal to noise ratio: 98 dB; dynamic range: 98 dB

6、             Headset output power: 12 mW (RL = 32)

7、             support USB sampling rate: 16BIT/32-48KHZ

8、             the USB support system: WINXP/WIN7/WIN8, apple MAC OS 9/OS X, Android 4.1 (above systems need to support OTG models)

9、             this product is a new type of low voltage, low distortion,low power consumption, high definition music stereodecoder.

10、         aluminum alloy shell, laser laser engraving printing is more beautiful.

11、         suitable for ordinary Headset quality upgrade,enhance the high-grade Headset tone

12、         mini, convenient to carry and suitable for home and travel use

13、         size: 90*60*26mm

Download: X101U USB decoder Manual
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